About Us


Safe Guard is specialized in production, sale and assistance of garage door, industry door, high speed doors, high spped PVC doors, high speed spiral doors. Safe guard closures for the industrial sector are functional, innovative, versatile, resistant, technologically advanced and they require little maintenance.

01. Our vision

Build lifelong relationships and forever friendships through cooperation. To be one of biggest manufacturer for industrial door supplier around the world. Also caring, and serving. Supply good products with reliable prices and make clients happy and fully satisfied.

02. our mission

To be best alternative for industrial door client at the world – Striving for excellence and quality. To be the “first, and only” name that people think of when it comes to industrial high speed door around the world. We want each and every sale to be based on the customer’s exact needs thus to feel more like an investment not just a purchase.

03. our value

  • Safety
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Customer Centricity
  • Excellence

04. expanding goal

To bring high quality product for global customers.

company history

Safe Guard Door is a company founded in 1998 and managed by its CEO, Matthew Sun.
We work in the field of industrial logistics, with a head office located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.
We are one of the world leading companies manufacturing high-speed industrial doors and exported over 500 industrial doors every year, corresponding to about 32% our business for industry doors.
We design, manufacture and sell industrial doors, roll-up doors, high-speed doors, commercial doors, insulated doors, roller shutters, folding doors and, in general, any type of industrial doors, and we also offer an efficient after-sales support service.
All our products are designed and manufactured in China, before being distributed worldwide.
Our services include design, manufacturing and installation, as well as an after-sales support service and scheduled maintenance.
Our high-speed doors are designed for clean rooms or controlled temperature and humidity areas, as well as for all those areas that required specific technical parameters to ensure the protection of people or products and materials.

Project Success

We offer innovative and complete solutions for  building & door openings, and security with an extensive selection of products.



Over 2000 clients. We always look for the best for our customers to offer the best products in the industrial high speed doors.



Our products have always led the new trend of the industry, based on the forefront of technology, and maintained a good cooperative relationship with many first-line material and accessories suppliers

board of directors

Safe Guard is a team of experienced, professional engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives. Our motto, “Provide customer with strong and safe doors" emphasizes our knowledge of the industry and our mission to help formulate a more cost effective, efficient system for customers.

Matthew Sun
Chris Zhang
Manager Director
Lucy Wang
General Manager