FOOD Door are designed for intensive use. safeguard food doors  are constituted with many kind doors to satisfy the different needs of clients.  It provides high speed for production, packing, and uninterrupted flows of people and goods. 

Clean & chemical

Cleanroom are strict to environment. It has its own individual application. The semi-conductor industry, automotive sector, food production, chemical or medicine manufacture, they all require the maximum hygiene standards, and purest air quality.

SUPERMARKET & commercial shop

Safeguard high speed doors are also used for commercial market. High speed is standard, and the customized curtain printing is also a features. The full vision transparent comercial roller shutter make the door looks fancy.  


Manufacturing – Dividing up the space between different processes in a factory can make production orderly. The producing line,  people and logistic are entire procedures in order to produce products in efficient way. 


Accurate temperature control is the pursuit of every refrigeration industry. Safeguard door cold series doors provide total solutions for every needs. High speed cold room door give fast action to prevent the loss of every degree.  

warehouse & logistics

Warehouse and logistics clients requires shorter delivery lead times. Many workplace vehicles in  storage industry to increase the working efficiency. So that the safety of working is essential. The automatic high speed doors saves the operation time. 

INDUSTRY External door

Factory external doors requires the high wind resistance.  High-speed door options will help improve user safety, reduce energy costs, and speed up logistics. 


It is used in an area at the side of a building where goods are loaded onto and unloaded from vehicles. Our solution is particularly well suited for most warehousing sites where standard size vehicles operate.  

car washer

Car washers requires the door with high speed open/close. The wet and greasy dirty of the environment sets high standard for doors. The electric operators’ IP protection class has to be over IP65 to resistant the splash and strong water. Safeguard door is high resistance to rust, and the doors are easy to clean. 

car parking

Car parks requires high speed, secure and efficient. It also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and locations. So the high speed PVC door, high speed spiral door, full vision high speed door are frequently used.  Underground car parks for hotels, residential facilities, or shopping centres where space may be limited.